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02 August 2005 @ 07:30 pm
Translation - Shinkirou  
Okay. I translated this a while ago, but had a few lines to finish, that I just now finally got to.

I LOVE this song. I think these lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful, Takui's descriptions of the various scenaries are just gorgeous, it really paints a picture for you. The story he tells in the second half is really interesting, about someone he loved that died and the words they left behind, about a legend.

It's actually quite intriguing to me that he placed this on the album (Vivarock) after "banshuu no miyako", which is about a legend and a distant place and people as well. I think there might be a connection between the two lyrics...

Anyway, read on! ^_^



chiheisen ga mieta yo hikui tsukiakari hibiwareta daichi no ue
surihetta BUUTSU to shiwakucha ni natta chizu gozen reiji no tobari de

I saw the horizon Low moonlight above a cracked earth
with worn down boots and a map that's been wrinkled, in the curtain of midnight

maichiru kareha ga fuyu no kihai wo aki no yotsuyu ni tsutaeteru

dancing, dead leaves are conveying the worry of winter in Autumn's night dew

kumo to taiyou no hazama ni ochiteku hoshi ga mori wo tsutsumi
donna kusaki mo mebaeteiku you ni hibi mo saiseishiteiku

in the valley between clouds and sun, the falling stars wrap up the forest
each day is being reborn so that every plant can bud

tooku de hikatta KAMINARI wo sei ni houi jishaku wo sutetara
yubisaki wo name kazemuki wo shire

if I throw away the compass in the height of the glittering thunder in the distance
I'll lick my fingertips and know the direction of the wind

dokomademo tsuzuku sora mabatakisuru koto mo oshimu you na utsukushii genya ni tachi
mune ni te wo ateta toki hashiru ga tame ni seotta kunan ga shinkirou ni kieta

anywhere in the continuing sky, I stand in the wilderness that's beautiful, where twinkling stars are held dear [1]
when I placed my hand on my heart, the suffering I was burdened with vanished into the mirage so I could run

kiseki wo tadoreba genkai wo shitte yutta aisuru hito ni ateta
osoraku modorenai hito ga kaita isho no you na tegami wo hirotta [2]

if I follow the wagon tracks, I'll know the bounds and be addressed by the departed one I loved
perhaps the traveler who couldn't turn back gathered the written will like it was a letter

"kono me ga otoroe seimei wo kezutte demo tadoritsukitai seichi ga arun da" to shirusareteita yo [2]

it had been written that "this eyesight is weakening and my life is being chipped away, but I want to struggle on, there's a sacred place that exists"

dokomademo tsuzuku sora hikari wa chiriyuku monotachi wo monogatari ni kaesu
koko kara wa hitori da yo hokujou shiteiku tori no mure ga shinkirou ni kieta
subete shinkirou ni kieta
tabi no owari wo shiritakute
hito wa shinkirou ni kieru

anywhere in the continuing sky, the light is sending back scattered bystanders in a legend
from here, I'm alone The flock of birds heading north vanished in the mirage
everything vanished in the mirage
and I want to know the end of this journey
people vanish in the mirage

Translation Notes

[1] I translated the "you na" a bit liberally here. It's basically saying that it's "beautiful as if twinkling things are held dear/valued", which is a bit awkward when you say it that way. The "twinkling things" are obviously stars, and I believe the point of this line is that it's beautiful because twinkling stars, which people usually ignore and overlook in a place like a city, are valued and held dear out here in the wilderness.

[2] Kanji is旅人 (tabibito), but the furigana (what Takui sings) is "hito"

[3] Kanji is視力 (shiryoku), but the furigana says the reading here is just "me"

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Liaj_raffles on August 3rd, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
You've done a lot of new translations lately! Anyways, this song is soooo cute. I never have any idea just how awesome they are until I fully understand the lyrics.
NightMajiknightmajik on August 3rd, 2005 02:50 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'm trying to knock some translations out of the way before I get busy at school again.

Glad you liked it. ^___^ Yeah, I generally don't get anywhere close to the full effect of a Takui song until I know the full translation. There's usually a lot hidden in his lyrics. ^-^
猫たちが笑ってる: Takuicatslaughing on August 3rd, 2005 04:13 am (UTC)
NightMajiknightmajik on August 3rd, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
^___^ Isn't it awesome? I totally expected a different type of lyric based on the music of this song.